Jun 18, 2008

Justin & Larissa

June, 14/2008

Beeing a wedding photographer is a terrific job. Two people start their life together. The day is full of love, hopes, dreams, plans, romance. Everybody is smiling and happy. It is always an experience I really enjoy. Every wedding is special and unique. This time it was a canadian/swedish union. Thanks to the Duecks and Poystis
for this day. It was great to get to know this two strong families.

Pillar concert in Winkler

Almost forgot to post some pictures of the concert an friday. For all who weren't there: too bad it was awesome. Loud n' goooooood!

June, 13/2008

Jun 6, 2008

City Wedding

Only one week left. I'm getting pretty excited shooting a wedding almost in Downtown Winnipeg. I know for some photographers nothing new. But this is my first "BIG CITY" wedding. I'm waiting for this weekend since a while.

Romantic snuggly wedding pictures on busy city streets...

Jun 3, 2008

The Zoo

My daughter Lea takes Ballet classes. After one year of learning and practicing she had her first recital. The theme was "The Zoo" and she was a mouse. Her group performed an awesome dance around a big piece of cheese. I didn't have my camera along, but took some picture a day before.

She likes to act.

She is my supermodel since she was born.

May, 30/ 2008

Welcome to our world!

Louis Isaiah, 1.5 weeks old.

June, 3 2008