Jul 30, 2014


When Christina booked me earlier this year for an outside shooting with her friend, I told them at the end of the session to come back sometime for a studio portrait session. Today she stopped by and we took some stunning portraits of her. She is really great to work with and, not only beautiful but has a great personality.
Here are the results of the session.
Thank you Christina, hopefully you'll be back.

Jul 7, 2014

Jenny's Grad Dress

Jenny has been working with me for quite a while as model and as an assistant.
She asked me if I can take some shots of her in her grad dress. She was planning to sell her dress and it would have been a shame since she had no professional pictures taken of her at the Graduation. So she decided to do it now.

Jun 7, 2014

Celebrate Lifes Big Milestones

Big days should be celebrated. Big achievement like graduation or friendships, are all enough reason for that. For friends & family who supported you and went along with you up to the long awaited day it is a equally of joy. A great time for a laughter, high spirits a happy dance or a photo shooting.
Or how about all combined. Denis & Milena have asked for a session to celebrate both graduation and themselves as a couple together over many years. Congratulation to you both.

For this session we went to a nice yard with an old barn and beautiful oak trees. 

May 10, 2014

Boy with Expression

Over the years my family not only got used to my photography passion but they also began to enjoy to model for me. Not always in the beginning, but as soon we start we get the best results. Like my session with Marc here. He has many great facial expression skills and can switch from melancholic to funny to angry in seconds.

Jan 15, 2014

Outside Session at Below Zero

This was my first friendship session by a freezing -10. Christina & Tina wanted to do a farewell shooting before one of them left for Mexico on a Mission trip. We went to a place with a classy old car standing on the yard for quite some time. Afterwards we took the shooting to a area with lots of poplar trees  which had been planted precisely in rows.
To do a shooting in Manitoba's coldest month outside can be tough. But we got lucky and the sun made it bearable. We were still able to pull off these great shots of the both of them. 
And by the way "we do stuff like this all the time" they said.