Apr 26, 2009

Awakening Art Exhibition

Hey folks, just wanna let you know that there will be an art show in Winkler this saturday, May 2. The organizer was looking for local artists and I was asked if I wanted to contribute with my pictures. I am actually really excited about that. So come and check it out!

Apr 25, 2009

New Tools

Finally and over due I made a deep grip into my wallet and got myself a new camera. The Nikon D700. I know Nikon is releasing the D700x later this year. But I just can't wait any longer and I couldn't affort the new one anyway.

Apr 17, 2009

Ice on a Lake

I took this picture in 2003 nearby the small Village of Pratjau in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

I walked on the frozen lake along the shore for a while until I came to these landing stages. As I looked at them, the picture was a strange sight. They were surrounded with ice and seemed to be useless, because you could go where ever you wanted on the frozen lake. I thought it was special not to need the predetermined path.

How would it be in life to have this freedom? What if we could just step aside of our ordinary ways and look at our surroundings from a different perspective?

Apr 7, 2009

Portaits in Black n' White

When the color does not distract the eye you start looking for deeper things in a picture. The expressions on the faces become more intense and emotions are enhance.

Cherish the time

I like this picture because it shows how we feel when we become parents. We want to hold and protect this little one that was given to us. It seems like yesterday that I held my little girl like that and now she is ten. And the day I will have to let her go is getting closer way too fast.

This picture is a reminder to never forget that the time we have with our children is limited and we should cherish each moment.

For infos on "Heirloom Artwork". Visit me at www.heinrichnikel.com


The hands of those who raised us. Providing, shaping, protecting, holding, always loving. Passing all they have to the next generation. Then they quietly fade out of the picture of life as time passes. Leaving a space to be filled by their sons.

Our Life is shaped by those who love us.

John Powell