Jul 28, 2015

Love Inspires

I had the privilege to photograph this couple while staying at their house for a visit. It was kind of a spontaneous shooting on a Sunday afternoon. We went for a ride just outside of the city and stopped on a road next to a wheat field. It is not hard to direct them, they are so comfortable around each other and their smiles are genuineness .
They have been an inspiration to me over the years and I cherish their friendship. Their love for each other shows in many ways. In the way they look at each other and especially how they talk about each other when the other person is not around.
"Nothing is perfect and we had to overcome a lot of obstacles over the years" they said, "but we want to make it work. That's why our marriage is strong." It is wonderful to be around you guys. You are a blessing.

Jul 17, 2015

Storm in my Backyard

I took the liberty to take off a couple of times just before a storm came by to photograph.
I would love to go on a road trip some day and see the great country I live in from east to west south and north and capture its beauty. It would be nice of course but it does not need to be at Thunder Bay to get great shots. Like these pictures I took not even three minutes from my home away.