Aug 13, 2009 in a another light

Hi what are you up these days? Hope you'r enjoying the summer.
I worked on some projects around the house and garden. Had shootings and pictures to work on. I also worked on some ideas I had in mind for a while.
For example, I created a Filter for Lightroom. Named it Fairytale.
It does work pretty well. I may have to round it up a bit more.

Need to go outside a bit more. And do a lot more photographing before winter's back.

Take a look in to your world you have not seen this way.

Yes I know it's not for everyone. But I like it so far.
I tried it on portraits. Looked nice too. Show you a few next time.

Aug 10, 2009

Granny, Mother, Daugther

Hello to all of you! Want to share pictures of my last shooting a couple weeks ago. Many hugs from here to Germany. Hope you are alright.