Sep 9, 2009

Waterlily Dance

The waterlily dance choreographed and performed by my daughter. She asked me to do some shoots of her dancing. Took me a while to take the time for it. So she kept asking. :-( Sorry for that Lea. I had a good time working with you. We should do something like that again. Soon!!!

Oh and before I forget: for these two pictures I used my Fairytale filter I talked about. A couple of weeks ago.

Peekaboo Jillie!

With life as busy as it is there is so little time to visit all nieces, nephews brothers, sisters... That's why having family over for a shooting is always fun. This is my niece Jillian. She is a curioius little girl and not scared of anything.

Sep 3, 2009

Interesting location

A few years ago I found this old house, it's a really interesting location. And before it totally collapses I asked Irina if she had time for a shooting. She brought her friend Beate and sister Cornelia along. Beate and Irina worked in front of the camera and Cornelia helped out behind it. I think we have to get Cornelia in front of the camera too, because she has a really cute smile :-)

And since its summer we took a few pictures outside too.