Dec 27, 2011

Our January Special

This year we would like to start off with a special. I worked out a Session that not only provides our Standard for qualities in Print and Style, but also for your wallet.

I want to introduce...
A 30 MINUTES Mini Session. This Price Offer is a Limited time offer only. It starts on January 2, 2012. Ask for


for details contact the Studio.

See you in January.


Nov 2, 2011

a Walk in Fall

Hello to all, everyone who does stop by here now and then to see if there is anything new. Yeah there as nothing new since a while. Sorry for that I have been doing other stuff that needed my attention. I think that is nothing new and you might have left following me after all.

Since my last post in January I was not lazy of course. No I had a shooting here and there. Everything is going well as always I just do not have the time to blog. That's all. This is not an excuse, I'm just more on Facebook around like everyone else these days. If you like you may stop by and look what I am doing there. Maybe like my page heinrichnikelphotography for regular updates. In the future I will be more often at my page but going to post a few things here still.
This a picture of Beth. We went outside to take some picture of her walking around in our nice small town. It looks beautiful in Autumn.
So long.

Sep 18, 2011

Outsite Office

Working outside has its pro and cons. If we are stuck inside, we would love to spend some time in the fresh air. And if we are outside all the time a warm place to hide from it is what we are looking forward to. For most of us we cant have both. Or can we?
I thought to combine them and make a session out of it. Behold the outside office.

Jan 11, 2011

A Boy & His Bear

I have a busy life. In fact its that busy that in all my daily hassles I seem to chase off my muse all the time and it does not visit me that often lately. So where ever this came from is a not clear. But Jaden, my little boy, gave me a sweet idea instead. I want to share the picture here. I will print it 20x30 inch. To have it hanging on my wall to see every day, because he is growing way to fast.