Apr 20, 2012

Places of Yesterday with Liana

I had an idea and was looking for someone to model for it. Liana agreed to and we went to a place with an old rugged barn and random broken furniture and rusty barrels around. We also took some shots at a railway track which is right right next to the barn.
I know railway tracks are not the safest location to have a shooting. It should only be done on tracks that are dead ends or abandoned. (make sure to ask for permission). 
After spending 2 minutes there we drove over and began with the actual session. I have not been back since, and should go back for another session.
We took some great shots. Liana was posing like a professional. She was really easy to direct.
Enjoy the pictures.

Mar 20, 2012

And the winner could be You.

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The Book - with Betty

I needed to show you at least one of the pictures I took of Betty in her graduation dress. Graduation pictures with a little touch of fantasy. The book scene was inspired by the beauty and the beast movie I watched with my children. Belle loves to read, and the dress fits. Yeah, that's it. Got the idea worked out. What else is there so say except enjoy the picture.

Feb 25, 2012

Model for Me

I asked Beate if she would like to have some photos taken. I wanted to tryout a lighting set up and needed someone to model for it. She agreed as you cans see, and it worked out really great. Now she got some great shots for her photobook or profile pictures .

Feb 10, 2012

Senior Session with Miriam

After a long winter of inside shooting only I can't wait for the season when outside sessions are enjoyable again. The session with Miriam, which I did in February, was a daring little project. We faced the elements for a portrait idea for a cozy-sweater-enjoy-the-outside look. But as cozy the hue makes the the pictures appear, it is very deceptive. It was not warm, not nearly enough to feel cozy. Miriam is from Germany and she is studying in Canada for a year, and not used to the extreme weather here. Thanks for braving the cold.