Sep 25, 2008

Anybody out there

Every Time I read over other Photographers blogs I wonder how much time they must have. It seems time is unavailable for me. Running after all the other things I have to take care first. There is not much time left to do the things I wish.

My family is taken the biggest part of the day. And Photography is taken a very little part lately. And it still seems shrinking. Wonder if it might disappear of my daily schedule some Day...

This blog isn't really "up to date".
If you take a look from time to time, say hello.
Try to be better. I promise

Have a good weekend.

Heinrich Nikel


Liane said...

Hi Heinrich,
I still read your blog, and if you do find some time (sometimes) would you like to take family pics of us and some of Jilli?


Anonymous said...

Hallo aus Germany.

Anonymous said...

Heinrich, I check your blog once in a while. Waiting to see some more pictures.